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The notable last words before Jesus ascended were: “GO into all the world and PREACH the Gospel.” I love training people and then leading them on a MINISTRY TEAM to another nation to help them obey the Great Commission.

Do you have a PLAN to go on a TRIP?

Why not PRAY about FLYING WITH ME?

Our projects in Rwanda are expanding – 24 projects now that will and increasing to 30 this year.

Do you think you would like to help? Here are some things that you could do.

· cook food and feed it to orphans and desperate children

· teach children about the Bible and change their life

· OR would you like to ride on the back of a motor bike taxi and deliver a pig or goat to a desperate child or single mother living in a mud hut in Rwanda?

· Would you like to help teach orphan teenagers about how they can have a great future? They need teaching on simple basic life skills, how to make money or to work at a job.

· Train people on how to start a business and qualify for a microloan.

· Or are you a bold Christian and want to give your testimony or preach the gospel in small groups or a large crusade?

· What about hugging some babies who had been thrown away and rescued by the Nairobi Dream Centre?

There are countless things you could do to help on a team with me. Tell me what your talents are and I bet I can fit your gift in and you can help change lives.

Please keep advancing in THE REASON YOU ARE ALIVE, to share Christ at home and to the nations.

ONE OF MY HEROES said this, “My life is worth nothing to me UNLESS I use it to finish the work assigned me by the Lord Jesus–the work of TELLING OTHERS the Good News about the wonderful grace of God.” (Acts 20:24)

· Option 1 is to join the HOME OF HOPE DISCOVERY TOUR AND tour Home of Hope projects as you want.

· Option 2 is the more intensive CHRISTIAN MINISTRY TEAM, helping share the Gospel and strengthen people in the Christian faith.


Nov 25, 2015 – Rwanda and Kenya. People helping lead the team are: Andrew, a second year grad from Word of Life Bible College and Lana, from Edmonton is going back for her second time this year.

​FLY WITH ME 2016 April 25 Rwanda and Kenya. My wonderful daughter, Joy Hornbacher, will be helping lead the team.


Email me at [email protected] or Karissa at [email protected]