How many of you know the right answer to this question?

QUESTION. Which is better to attend — a Funeral or a Party?

Last Friday, I went to a sad funeral of a mother of 5 children who passed away; a lady I knew many years ago and attended our youth group when I was the youth pastor. She moved to another town and I hadn’t seen her for about 25 years.

BUT then I heard on Facebook that she passed away suddenly. She was only 44 years old!

At the funeral, I heard her father and some of her 5 children share about their love for her. So many tears! One thing they all said was – every time she finished talking to her kids in person, or in emails, text messages – she always ended with “I love you.”

Sitting in the funeral it reminded me to live every day as if it was my last day, to draw closer to people I love and don’t let anything hinder my relationships and to remember to tell people that I love them!

The Bible gives us the answer to my starting question:
Ecclesiastes 7:2 NCV It is better to go to a funeral than to a party. We all must die, and everyone living should think about this.

Other translations:

  • It is better to go to a funeral than to a banquet because that is where everyone will end up. Everyone who is alive should take this to heart!
  • It is better to go to a home where there is mourning than to one where there is a party, because the living should always remind themselves that death is waiting for us all.

Although it made me think, most people would rather go to a party any day! I hope I will remember at the party to show the people that I love them before I go to their funeral.

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