Losing weight – 7 things that helped me

So many friends have come up to me with a compliment about me losing weight.  Most ask me how I lost some weight. I did not diet. Here is what I did:

1. I asked God to help me and I really think He helped me fall in love with oranges again.  I started eating oranges for breakfast, oranges during the day, and at night time.

2. I could hardly believe that my healthy breakfast cereal and milk was sooo many calories. I LOVE milk. I started eating oranges, sliced apples, fruit smoothies. I love a glass of milk, but oh how many calories. It is very unfortunate that a person can gain weight by eating healthy.

3. All my favorite “bad” foods I loved, I forced myself to look and see how many calories they are. Some chips are 12 calories each! Or nachos, or nuts!! or cheese!! It made me think twice before shoveling handfuls of my favorite snacks in my mouth.

4. I try to do more things I love doing for exercise like playing tennis. I bother people to try to play with me, and offer to pay their way. It costs money to lose weight. Especially indoor tennis during winter months.

5. I used to be so focused on work, that I could enjoy working and forget about food, and then at night time, I would eat toooo much. So, I try to remember to eat something small many times a day like a handful of nuts. It is also helpful that many fast food places offer more healthy choices nowadays. At MacDonald’s, for example, a caesar salad can be exchanged for fries in a combo.

6. I’ve started dressing better – the way my kids told me to! My daughter has told me a few times to “throw that t-shirt in the garbage”. At my son’s wedding, he made me buy a whole new suit outfit that was TIGHT! But, that was the day that I got the most compliments. I’m not saying wear tight clothing, just buy clothes that fit you better than that XXL t-shirt.

7. This next one is a big one – it is call mission trips! I always lose weight on mission trips. There aren’t as many processed foods, chips, nachos or milk – things that I crave. Is this a good reason to sign up for a trip with www.homeofhope.ca? *hint hint* If I continue to do all of the tips above, I don’t regain the weight when I get home.

I do not diet. I simply started eating smarter. Slowly, I lost weight and I have been able to keep it off.

I hope this encourages you today! It is never too late to start being healthier and taking care of the body that we have been given to use for God’s glory! I want to be alive and healthy for a long time.

What have you done to lose weight? Any ideas you can add?