2 Great Men Died Recently…

The death of Robin Williams was such a shock to the world. Considered by many to be one of the funniest men in the world.

He had all of the fame and money he would ever need. He was busy making new movies. BUT he was missing something on the inside.

It is always so very sad to hear of someone taking their life.

As Christians we have to remember that Jesus wants to help us in every way possible and He has sent His Holy Spirit to be with us, beside us, in us, to comfort us, to lead us and direct us. We don’t ever have to feel alone or hopeless.

Jesus came to give LIFE TO THE FULLEST (John 10:10 CEB)

Harold Taralson (Red Deer & Killam, Alberta)

I had the joy of knowing this man for 12 years. Last week, I was asked to officiate his funeral. I was so proud of the legacy of his 7 (adult) children and 26 grandchildren honouring him in the funeral as a great, kind, gentle man who loved them all and showed it. I also knew him as a great Christian who travelled with me to Rwanda to help love and help desperate children with HomeofHope which is helping over 8000 children every month right now.

Harold lived a long, full, happy and fulfilling life. Harold is in heaven today, not because he was a good person, but because he invited Jesus to come into his heart and save him and write his name in the book of life. He was FULFILLED on this earth, but also now in eternity because of what Jesus did.

These two men’s stories motivate me to tell more people about Jesus!

Let’s follow Harold’s example!

Jesus is the answer.

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