What made me cry in Africa Dec 2014 – Part 1 Goma, Congo

Being the Director of Home of Hope has been life changing for me the last 8 years. With every trip, it seems that God works on my heart more and more.

Here is what touched my heart when I visited Goma, Congo.

One year ago I heard the worst stories I had ever heard about the horrific rapes in Congo (click here). Word of Life Women’s Conference in Red Deer gave money to help rescue some of these ladies and their children. This month, I met some of those women. Hearing their pain-filled stories of rape and torture was the most emotional part of this recent trip to Africa. Then to hear how HOH has helped many of these women caused a second wave of emotion.

Here is Sakina’s story, followed by a report of how Home of Hope has been helping her. (mother of 10, raped by 3 gangsters and purposely infected with HIV AIDS which passed to her baby through breast feeding)

Here is a video of me telling her story. My new friend Sakina and how a small microloan changed her life. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4b3BvCIBUMY


1. I found out that for $2.67 CAD a month, a violated woman with HIV AIDS can have access to HIV medicine. ONLY $32 a year will help one women stay alive and get all the medicine she needs!!

2. I want to raise more Microloan money to help more women like Sakina become self sufficient. $150 CAD will help 1 woman, and then when she pays the money back it is given to another women. This can happen every 6 months. A Microloan team consists of 5-6 ladies and a microloan Co-op consists of 10 ladies.

See a picture and video of my friend Terry from Red Deer helping Sakina expand her business. She had started a water hauling business to rural areas with no clean water.

3. Finishing the training centre and office to help train 300 women at a time to rebuild their life. (Pictures below) $15,000 CAD. We can have weekly seminars to educate and train in Christianity and Business.

Terry (from Canada), Shakilah and Christian (Tumaini helpers), and Sakina (blue and yellow dress)

The Tumaini Training Centre

Click here to see more pictures from this trip to Africa

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