What made me cry in Africa Dec 2014 – Part 3 Kenya

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https://brianthomson.com/what-made-me-cry-in-africa-dec-2014-part-1-goma-congo/As soon as I arrived at the Home of  Hope Dream Centre in Nairobi Kenya, this little boy – Samuel (who had been rescued as a baby), came running to me with his hands out. What a touching moment to have a little person remind me of what we are doing and who we are doing it for. God can sure use children to touch our lives and to keep us focused. (tears of joy as Samuel blessed my life!)

To know many of these babies had been thrown away in the dump, now seeing them healthy and ready to be placed in loving Christian homes was very emotional. I was so impressed with everything I saw with the 2 temporary rented Dream Centres.

We are in the last stages of completing our new Dream Centre and we will soon be able to go to another level of helping abandoned children.

Here we are praying for the last stages of the Dream Centre to be completed.

One team member from Canada arrived at the garbage dump, smelled the terrible smells of the area and saw how gross and vile everything was. When she was shown the specific location where a baby was thrown away ALIVE — she threw up!

She is a sponsor of one of the precious discarded children. Here is a short clip of Heather from Ponoka, Alberta,  telling how this trip changed her life. http://youtu.be/QC7fZjWvydw

Seeing how God changed her heart was an emotional moment for me. It reminded me of how God changed my heart 8 years ago and how I must stay focused.

How I plan to help:

1. Finish the Dream Centre Building early into the new year.
2. Find more foster families in Kenya and sponsors from Canada and around the world who will  give monthly for the present children to be placed in Christian families in Kenya.
3. Start to rescue 50 more brand new babies and have them stay until they are healthy and ready to be placed with a family. A Great goal for 2015.

More pictures can be seen on my Facebook – click here to see.

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